Susan Montgomery

Susan Montgomery

Susan Montgomery is a writer, editor, speaker, publishing consultant, and a producer of books.

Susan has been writing and producing publications throughout her career. In addition to working for several agencies, she has operated her own publishing services business since 1986, which specializes in providing editorial and design services for a variety of clients, ranging from businesses to medical and not-for-profit organizations to individuals. She has developed a special expertise in book production and has produced many books for publishers, businesses and individuals.

Susan’s writing credits include national healthcare articles written for many hospitals, including some in Milwaukee, Boston, Baltimore and Toledo. She has written several books for clients. Early in her career she edited and published Healthy Living in Wisconsin, which sold 10,000 copies. This was one of the early digitally-produced books created on an early Apple computer. Recently she completed In the Moment: the Life and Art of Schomer Lichtner and In Celebration: the Life and Art of Ruth Grotenrath, which were published in the spring of 2011 by the Museum of Wisconsin Art and distributed by the University of Wisconsin Press.  For a review of these books click here.

Susan and her husband, Todd, have produced a successful photography gift book, titled What Really Matters Now. The book was published by Peter Pauper Press (New York) in 2003 and has sold almost 30,000 copies all over the world.   They have also recently completed another photography book titled Moments that Matter.

Susan has taught on both the college and  high school levels. She taught writing, reporting, and publication production classes at Marquette University. She has an undergraduate degree from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Marquette University. In addition, Susan attended several of Stanford University’s well-known executive publishing workshops.  Susan is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, an artists’ retreat in Temecula, California.

Susan and Todd and their cute cocker spaniel, Catie, currently make their home in the glorious wine country of Temecula, California, where they moved after living in wonderful Wisconsin for most of their lives. They have four children and three grandchildren who live all over the world and love visiting southern California.

Current projects:

Susan has recently moved to Temecula, California, and is writing travel articles about her new destination and also about other parts of the country.  She is a member of The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association and is also the Riverside Food & Winer Examiner for Examiner.com.

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Articles Published on the Internet

Innovative chef creates fresh seasonal menu paired with wines
Chef Steve Pickell, Executive Chef at Thornton Winery in the Temecula Valley Wine Country, has earned a well-deserved reputation and won many awards over his 18 years at Thornton as a premier Southern California chef. His dishes are not only delicious, but they are innovative and full of mouth-watering fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Thornton Winery: Mindi Abair Rocks Opening of Jazz Series
Thornton Winery’s 24th Annual Champagne Jazz Series was off to a rocking start with superstar, Mindi Abair, and her impressive back-up band, also full of super stars. The champagne and wine flowed and Chef Pickell’s gourmet supper package was exceptional. And these events go on all summer!

Wine lovers savor tastings and food pairings
The Occasional Wine Council meets “occasionally” to critique wines and pair them with special dishes prepared by the participants. As this article explains, the group learns much about the qualities of different wines and how these wines can enhance certain food combinationsand the group also has a rousing good time!

Ciao! Let’s Eat, Drink and Be Merry the Italian Way!
Every other Tuesday night, a cheerful group of hungry and thirsty food and wine lovers show up at Spuntino, a family-owned pizzeria and delicatessen in Temecula, California. They come for Wine & Grub Night because they know the food will be fabulous and the camaraderie lively. This is not the place to go for a quiet night out, but it is the place to go to meet new people, enjoy old friends, and savor a delicious, ever-changing menu prepared by a true Sicilian pizza maker, Filippo Santangelo, who hand tosses each pizza. And all this good food is accompanied by plenty of wonderful wine.

Temecula: A Great Place to Live
After moving to Temecula from Wisconsin, it was time to review this dramatic change in our lives. Are we happy living in southern California? How have we met people? How have we adjusted to this totally new location? How are our lives different? This article explores all these questions and more.

It’s a Wine Dog’s Life
Catie Montgomery, a rambunctious black cocker spaniel, is leading the good life as she tours Temecula’s Wine Country with her parents, Sue and Todd Montgomery. Catie writes about her adventures at the many wineries that welcome her and other pups.

Tesoro Winery Launches Creole Wine
In a unique arrangement, Tesoro Winery has partnered with Louis Metoyer to launch a luscious Creole wine called Letoyant Creole. This special 2007 Estate Syrah celebrates the rich French Creole heritage of Metoyer’s family.

Guests in Temecula: What to Do?
When Midwestern guests visited, we found plenty to do in Temecula and they had a great time. You’ll be surprised to see how much we were able to squeeze into such a short period of time. Readers may also glean some ideas about what they can do when they visit Temecula.

Taste of the Summit
Stormy, windy, cold weather didn’t deter us as we ventured east from Temecula toward Warner Springs where three “hidden gem” wineries were waiting to serve us excellent wine paired with some scrumptious food. We slid around a bit on muddy roads, but our efforts paid off and we had an adventuresome but wonderful day.

Thornton Winery Launches Luscious Chocolate Wines
Chocolate wines? I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Were they really wines? Would they be too sweet? How could they be effectively paired with food? I found all the answers at Thornton Winery where I was pleasantly surprised by these delicious and excellent wines.